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@Mz iMac wrote:

She must be unsteady on her feet.  Hubby holding her as if she's going to topple over any minute.

@Mz iMac  .... you took the words right out of my mouth!!!!!


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Yes, Joan Collins is quite glamorous.


She is very healthy and still acting!


My goal is to be that successful in my older years...

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I didn't realize Joan was still with us. She is a year older than me and a kindred spirit fashion wise. Love her outfit. 

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Re: Joan Collins

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I hate to admit it but I thought she had passed away because I have not seen or heard anything about her in probably years. Her husband looks familiar to me but his name doesn’t sound familiar. She is fortunate to have someone who is so solicitous of her and cares about her; not many ladies at 86 are that fortunate.

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I just saw a rerun of Roseann and she played roseann's cousin.  It was a funny show and she looked great.  Still looks good.

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He looks like her son.

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A fun post, @morning lover !   Joan Collins has that old line Hollywood glamour for sure, and she's always been so striking, going right back to her early career:




Nice to see her out and about, camera-ready as always, and enjoying her life!

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I gather some of ya'll didn't watch this series called The Royals?  It was cancelled last year or the year before.  Joan was a regular.  She played the queens mother.


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She looks really good. I will always remember her as Alexis on Dynasty! She was so good in that role.....

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Re: Joan Collins

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I love Joan Collins but, as long as almost everyone's gasping about how great she looks for her age--and how BAD her hubby looks for his--allow me:

She's frail, she's lost her figure, wears wigs, and other photos are more reflective of her age. OTOH, I'm guessing her husband has had no cosmetic surgery.

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