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She does look good, but I don't think she quite pulls off that outfit.


I too saw her on the Royals.  I loved that show and wish it had not been cancelled.


Good for her and her husband to have stayed together all those years.

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@HLP  you took the words out of my mouth...those hands don't match the face.  Too bad can't have plastic surgery on hands to match work that was done on face.  Husband looks older than his 55 years.  Guess it has taken a toll on him helping his 30+ year older wife.

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@moonlady wrote:

I love Joan Collins but, as long as almost everyone's gasping about how great she looks for her age--and how BAD her hubby looks for his--allow me:

She's frail, she's lost her figure, wears wigs, and other photos are more reflective of her age. OTOH, I'm guessing her husband has had no cosmetic surgery.

She's 86! what do you expect? And her husband looks just fine.

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Joan Rivers had lovely hands. She used fillers to rejuvenate hers.


Google for details.


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Re: Joan Collins

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Heck with Joan Collins. I want that skirt, dress that girl is wearing with the phone and white nails.  Anyone know what it is.  Looks like it was taken at Craig's in the front area.


craigs is known a bit for celebrity sightings, but it is NOT that good of a restaurant.   Very plain food IMO.  Meatloaf, chopped salad, steak.  I don't eat steak or meatloaf, so one of those places I was scouting the menu for something to eat without beef, lamb or tons of cheese.  Moderate price.  Maybe that's why Joan Collins was there.  She is very thrifty.....very!!!

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I was thinking of restalyne for hands for granddaughters wedding.  I lost do much weight, I exercise but creepy skin yuck