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Re: Jeopardy Tournament of Champions

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I'm rooting for Sam or Andrew to win only because Amy has won a ton of money already, so I'd like to see one of the guys get their chance to win a ton!!

I don't get that way of what ?


A couple of times Ken said that Sam never lost on that stage.......does anyone know what that means ? Had to lose 1 time.....

@Danky2 Sam was the winner of the Professor's tournament. He didn't compete on the any regular, daily shows, so technically he'd never lost a game.

Thank you so all seems like a blur so I didn't even think of the Professor 

Tournament.........well that's one less thing I have to "worry" about.....

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Re: Jeopardy Tournament of Champions

Really wanted Sam to win, loved his personality. He seemed so good natured and like a fun person to be around.