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The doctor doesn't enunciate very well, but I enjoy the show. Alex always wanted the contestants to be the stars, not the host.

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Glad Katie's time is over. She looked ridiculous with that huge, fake smile on her face the entire time.

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I read there has been backlash to Oz doing Jeopardy.  500 past contestants as well as fans object to it basically because it is a fact-based show and he is notorious for delivering misleading medical advice.  That is the gist.  Point being, Dr. Oz fans, don't get your hopes up that he will be the permanent host.

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When replacements were first mentioned I was intrigued with

Lavare Burton .. I would like to see him guest host and then

make a decision .. as the show is calling me to see who I

might want.... JUST KIDDING ....  but I would like to see Lavare

guest host ....

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@Daisy Sunflower wrote:


Glad Katie's time is over. She looked ridiculous with that huge, fake smile on her face the entire time.

IMO, Katie Couric and Mike Richards were excellent hosts. I would have preferred that they both be given a longer stint on the show. 

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I could only stand Couric for two shows.  Like Richards.


I could very easily stop watching Jeopardy, if I don't care for the host.  Not the end of the world!

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I watched today; I thought Dr, Oz did a great job. However I still want Ken Jennings to be the permanent host. I didn't watch for the past 2 weeks because I can't stand Katie Couric. As a matter of fact the rest of guest host  lineup looks pretty pathetic.

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I'm willing to give them all a chance and see what I think of each. I never watched this show regularly, only when I happened on it. I don't think there is anyone in the line up that I hate. Seems like some do though. It's just not that important to me to get worked up about.

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I am not a big fan of Dr Oz but, I enjoyed him on Jeopardy tonight ... by the way, I listened to the show while I was in the kitchen & the TV is the next room over in the family room ..... I heard every word he clearly spoke 😊😉


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Will not be watching Dr Oz -- he is a quack and can't stand him.