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Re: Jedediah Bila Left The View Today

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Jed was no shrinking violet and gave as good as she got. If she is leaving, she's been offered something else that she considers better. She came from FOX. Perhaps she's returning there. I heard that Candace Cameron Bere is returning now that Full House is over. The one they shouldn't have let go is Nichole Wallace. There's nothing wrong with any of the others on the team. They all have opinions and two of them are comedians. Big deal. So they don't agree with some of you. That doesn't mean they beat up on Jed. They didn't!!!

I totally agree about Nichole Wallace, @RainCityWoman.

She has her own show on MSNBC, and she's a hard hitting interviewer. I'm very impressed with her. She held back a lot on The View, but she knows her stuff and isn't afraid to ask the tough questions, even from those of her own party. However, for Nichole, the departure from The View, a daytime chat show whose talking points are meant to entertain more than anything, proved to be the best thing for Nichole. Her show now is strictly legit and she has raised her image as a political analyst.

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Re: Jedediah Bila Left The View Today

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Thinking back on The View over the years ..... as well as on The Talk .....  it's very difficult to get the chemistry right for 5 women.    The View is about differing opinions (duh!) and the objective of The Talk is to just be funny.   


Depends on what you enjoy watching.

@Tinkrbl44  And to each their own!

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Re: Jedediah Bila Left The View Today

I just came across this article from the Daily Mail.  Apparently Jedediah was blindsided by the news and found out when a reporter contacted her for a comment.  It also mentions her fiance asked the show to include his marriage proposal to her on the show but wanted the show to pony up the money for the ring.  Please know DM is one of the more unreliable tabloids but many parts of the article do seem to ring true: