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Jamie Lee Curtis!

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Congratulations to Jamie Lee for winning the Oscar with her first nomination,  tearfully recalling her parents,  both nominees:








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Watching her was truly moving wasn't it?

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 2023 Oscars



Jamie Lee Curtis wins Best Supporting Actress at the Oscars









ImageThis is her very first Oscar win for Best Supporting Actress.


“To all of the people that have supported the genre movies that I have made for all these years. The thousands and hundreds of thousands of people—we just won an Oscar together!” - Jamie Lee Curtis.




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Troy Kotsur and Ariana DeBose celebrate with Jamie Lee Curtis


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I am happy she won the supporting actress Oscar!!!!  I enjoyed her speech thanking everyone and saying they all won the Oscar with her!!!!  Gracious and humble, congratulations to Jamie!  Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh are smiling!

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Re: Jamie Lee Curtis!

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I am happy that she won the Oscar. I have always thought she was an excellent actress.

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It's hard to like her after she posted that very disturbing picture of her "art" on her dining room wall. But she did have the grace to remove it after the backlash on Instagram. I just wonder if she took it off her dining room room wall. I'm sure some people don't know what this is about, after all mainstream media hid the story. Only happened about a month ago. But there she is up on stage getting an award. Typical Hollywood.

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Love love love Jamie Lee Curtis! So happy she won! 

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I,m glad she won.  She acts onstage and off.  To me she is always actiing.


I loved her  Mother and Fathers pictures. Real old Hollywood.  Those were the good old days for me.  


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Happy Jamie won!

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I loved her speech esp, when she mentioned her mom and dad ! I also teared up with John Travolta’s speech! Beautiful also!!