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We watched this 2019 movie last night. Jamie Foxx and Michael B. Jordon. Outstanding look at bigotry in the south and overcoming obstacles in your path. Highly recommend!!

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@Shanus  I saw it in when it was still in the theaters. Completely agree with your review.


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@Shanus I have the book, haven't seen the movie yet. I heard Bryan Stevenson talk (my boss was the moderator for the Q&A after his talk) and he signed his book for me. If you have not seen his TED talk, look it up on YouTube; he is absolutely AMAZING!!

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Great movie.....took me awhile to see it as there was no sound, lol. Had to call Xfinity and then worked 2 weeks later. YAY

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I watched this movie last night on Amazon Prime.  The story is heartbreaking and the acting is superb.


It shames me to know that people were treated like this, particularly in town that boasts the To Kill a Mockingbird attraction in the county museum