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I'll have to watch this on demand. I love JJ Watt, have so much admiration for the kind of person he is. For those of you who don't know he raised a ton of money after Hurricane Harvey, over 40 million I believe. Started the campaign himself online.


A role model and good guy of the NFL.


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I can totally see him doing some hosting after his football career like Michael Strahan and Jesse Palmer


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I did not know who he was (no surprise, I don't watch sports), but I agree he did a good job for someone not in "the business".  However, I found all of the skits just really poor humor and fast-forwarded through most of it.  SNL just isn't what it used to be and I watch it mostly out of habit any more, and hoping that there will be a new breakout talent. 

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I didn't catch much of the show as that is past my bedtime but what I had at least one eye open he is a natural for whatever his calling may be after football.  I also thank him for all the incredible charity work he has done and I am sure will continue to do.  God bless young man!  Heart

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I love SNL, it always makes me laugh and that is a good thing!  I enjoyed JJ Watts in his skits, he was very entertaining and I hope he comes back for a second appearance!!!!

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JJ did a good job and was most enjoyable.


I wish they would bring back Peyton Manning to host the show.  He did an outstanding job and had a real flair for comedy.



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