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He was the host this past Saturday.  He did an outstanding job even delivering a comic monologue.  I couldn't believe that a football player would be that poised on a show like SNL.  One of the skits he was in:

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I totally agree .. he was hilarious ....

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I haven't watched SNL since back in the Not Ready For Prime Time days,

but when I saw that JJ was hosting, I had to copy it.  Haven't watched yet.


@Houstonoilers  off topic, but may I ask about your username?

I take it you were a Love Ya Blue fan back in the day, as I was?

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JJ is a great humanitarian & player. I’d love to see Gronk host
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I have avoided SNL for years for lots of reasons but tuned in to see JJ since he is on my hometown team.  I thought he was great.  Maybe he'll move into acting after his football career.  Smiley Happy 

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I so agree on JJ.  Was so surprised at how good he was.  He was exceptionally poised and delivered his lines so well.  He was in almost every sketch.  Most guest hosts don't appear in that many.  Cute guy, too.  :  )

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I don't follow football and had no idea who he was, so I was pleasantly surprised. He did a great job and the sketches were mostly funny.


I really enjoyed the Oil of BrOlay, Madden 21, and Robbie sketches he was in.

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I didn't know of this guy before because I don't follow football. I was very impressed with his poise & comic abilities!

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What some of the others said - didn’t know who he was other than he was a football player. Was also very surprised at how good he was - very engaging. Pretty decent show.
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I thought he did a great job. He was very poised and was a natural. Maybe after his football career is over, he can have a second career in Hollywood!