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I was sad to see Sam Buttrey eliminated so early but as good as he is he was out of his league. Such a nice guy though.


We love Jeopardy here and rarely miss it. Ken is, without a doubt, my all time favorite but I also adore James and Matt.


Mattea was super impressive coming from behind to have the highest score last night before James took her down in FJ. Andrew is such a cutie. They're ALL so impressive!





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@SusieQ_2  I loved Sam too! Such a sweetie.

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As @Teddixat  mentioned as a possibility, my opinion is that I do believe his smugness and arrogance is probably an act. I guess since we don't know him personally, we will never know for sure.  One of the few things that I am a little jealous of in others is I would love to have been born with the super power of brilliance.




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I've enjoyed the Masters and have enjoyed seeing all the participants again. Y'all have me a little "scared" to say who my hopeful is for the grand champion but I will just remind you of the good he and his wife are doing with his winnings by starting foundations (one in particular in Las Vegas) and charitable contributions he has made. Besides, who else would take his shoes off on stage to get a chuckle.
Good luck to all ! 

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I’m enjoying it as well and hope James wins. He is smart and funny. Love all of the interactions the players had.
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I have loved watching all the games and admired Sam's knowledge of pop culture.  I am rooting for Mattea.  I had know that  He would be in the finals.Each will leave with a handsome check!

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I am thoroughly enjoying this tournament even more than some of the past ones. I was never a fan of Amy's but like her more now and was surprised she didn't do better. The Champions do seem more relaxed and even Matt seems to have found a personality. I've been a James fan since he first appeared on the Jeopardy stage and can't imagine pulling for anyone other than him.


Almost forgot to ask:

Does anyone care about knowing where the Daily Doubles are ahead of the game? I don't see the point and usually don't look up to see the reveal.


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I like James and Matt. I don't care for this format, though, and the idea of breaking a tie by considering the number of correct answers was ridiculous. A contestant running pop culture, movie, TV, etc. categories is hardly impressive, especially given the many "crossovers." (They can't even have a "Monarchs" category without having as a a clue, "...played on screen by so-and-so." That reflects knowledge of movies, not monarchs.) There must be a better way to break a tie in this type of tournament.


As for revealing the location of DDs, I can't imagine why this would be necessary in a tournament, when it's not been considered necessary in day-to-day play. It's just another reason for viewers to have to look away.

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Watch your pronouns in talking about Mattea.....they (ABC) refer to her as "they/their" in Final Jeopardy.  ????? (whatever that means)

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   Am enjoying watching the Masters...incredible knowledge by the players.

   Rooting for 




  Go James!