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Re: It's not what you've done...if you're dead or not

@phoenixbrd...I will try to find the article I read after posting about 2 men coming forth with complaints about MJ, that as of now, there is a total of 11 men who claim they were abused by him when they were young boys.  I am not deliberately attempting to discredit MJ, his talent will live on for many decades but unfortunately other things about him are now coming to light. 


If you recall there were accusations filed against him many, many years ago and he had to defend himself in court.  I am afraid his "bizarre proclivities" as you stated, are not mere speculations.  Offenders are requesting that his remains be tested for DNA in order to prove what they are accusing him of.  Hundreds of thousands of people admire MJ and I fear that if all of the accusations are proven true, it will be a sad day for all of them.

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