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Re: It happened on 5th Ave TCM Movie

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Is anyone watching this.  It is such a good sweet movie.  I really enoy it.


@sunshine 919  This my #1 fave Christmas movie...EVER! We have it on DVD and have been watching it on and off since around Thanksgiving. Late this afternoon while going through the channels I happened to notice TCM had it airing and it was in the middle. I'll probably wait til it gets loaded on the TCM app later this evening and stream our DVD a break.


One of my favorite parts of the movie is actually the Kingston Trio singing the opening tune. *I tried several times to find more info on the trio, but to no avail. Love their harmony. 


I also thought it was a shame to learn years ago that Gale Storm is not actually's a voice over. Smiley Sad

That is interesting.  I wonder how many movies have voice overs.

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Re: It happened on 5th Ave TCM Movie

I love this movie and watch it every year.  I DVRd it so I will always have it.  One of my all time favorites.