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Re: Is anyone here a Neilson Ratings Household?

When I did the Neilson ratings (twice) they sent me a folder for a week's worth of television watching. You had to fill out the "diary" for each tv set you had in the house.  You filled in what channel you were watching, what the program was and how long you watched it. Not hard to do at all. At the end of the week you mailed it off in a pre-paid postage envolpe. I recieved $11 or $12 for my trouble.  Last year I recieved one for radio listening.  I very seldom listen to the radio so I passed on that one.

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Re: Is anyone here a Neilson Ratings Household?

@jellyBEAN wrote:

@Renata22 wrote:

I did this twice in the past. Once for the tv and once for the radio. They sent me 5 & 10 dollars for completing surveys. Takes alot of time. They sent me something recently but I shredded it. Just not worth it.

I had something similar about 1-2 yrs. ago.  Was sent a paper pamphlet to manually track what and when I was watching for 2 weeks or so.  What a pain in the butt.  I think they sent me $2.00 to fill it out and I did, but never again.  Not worth it.  I then mailed it in and never heard from them again.  Nothing hi-tech about it.  Pen and paper.

Just this week I received my fourth paper pamphlet.  The first time everyone in my home was willing to do it.  The second time about half of us did it.  By the third time I was the only one to fill in the pamphlet.  This time I am not going to do it either.  It's a lot of trouble and I only got a few dollars.

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Re: Is anyone here a Neilson Ratings Household?

Someone on Reddit posted in 2018 their experience.


Each person age 2+ gets a $100 gift card for listening to the pitch and then you each wear a device that picks up a signal around you so it knows what you are watching or listening to.


You get points toward gifts the more you wear your device.


They's be bored by me.  All I watch is Hallmark and HGTV when I'm home.

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Re: Is anyone here a Neilson Ratings Household?

@VaBelle35  Well if they kept a record of what I watched they’d think I was a male between the ages of 25-35.


Maybe not very well educated and a real fat slob from watching so much TV.


They’d think I didn’t have a job or was fired and was mooching off of Mom and Dad.


OMG!  You might be thinking.....what the hay does Annabelle watch.


Well, to start with I’m a 72 year old grandma of 8!  I stay up til around 2:00am.  I love Live PD, Chicago PD, Mayans ( about Hispanic motorcycle gangs), American Ninja Warrior and so on.


In other words, just about every show about murder and mayhem.  I like shows about building houses and cars.


I think that saying, “ You can’t judge a book by its cover” applies to me and my TV viewing.

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Re: Is anyone here a Neilson Ratings Household?

It seems I got involved briefly many, many years ago.  What a pain, it was all paper and pencil.  Very inexact, you ticked a box if you even skimmed through a radio show by accident.  No difference than that or listening to the entire show.  I soon gave up and quit, it seemed worthless.

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Re: Is anyone here a Neilson Ratings Household?

I've never been an electronically monitored Neilson home, but several times I've been a paper log tracker for Neilson.


No gifts, but they paid me $5 in cash with actual $1 bills sent in the mail.