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Re: Is Debbie Matenopoulos heading back to The View?

@Johnnyeager wrote:

Why?  We all have political views even without degrees in Political Science. 


I just wish the show were more balanced.  The scales definitely tilt to one side.

I have a degree in Political Science, but doubt my views have any more influence than anyone elses.  Especially since they don't support either 'side'.

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Re: Is Debbie Matenopoulos heading back to The View?

It'll be interesting to see if Debbie does come back to The View.


She was very green during the time she was on the show. She seemed like a sweet girl, but she didn't add much to the mix.


I've seen her on Home & Family and thought she did a good job. If she does come back, I think she'll do a much better job now that she has more experience under her belt.



An ABC source stated, “Next year is our 25th season, and we’re considering Debbie Matenopoulos making a triumphant return to The View.”


A spokesperson for Matenopoulos confirmed the negotiations.


“Debbie will always have a fond place in her heart for The View, the show that launched her career as a 21-year-old straight out of NYU,” her spokesperson said. “Her rep has, in fact, been having conversations with senior executives at ABC News over the past few months about many things, including her participation in celebrating the 25th season of The View, and she appreciates all the interest in her returning.”


Standing in the way is Matenopoulos development deals.


“Currently, she is in development on two food shows and her own lifestyle show, but she’d never say never to returning to her first television home,” the spokesperson added.


Matenopoulos last appeared as a guest co-host on the show in 2016.