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Thee was a documentary about Iris, done by the Maysle brothers. It was released in April, but I have never head  a peep about it. I would love to see it. Does anyone here know anything about this film?

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It's been playing in theatres around the country for awhile.  It just finished  a run in my city last weekend.  If you google Iris the movie, you can find a schedule where it is, or will be, showing.  Also, you might be interested in the documentary 'Bill Cunningham New York,' which you can access on Netflix.  Iris appears in it.

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Took myself to see one Saturday morning.  I thought it was wonderful.  She's so interesting and fun.  Her style is amazing.  Her husband is something else.  I highly recommend it.

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There was an article about her in The Washington Post recently.  He's on HSN sometimes.  I love sitting and watching her, like other's posted, she's very entertaining and talented.


I can't say I've ever bought any of her jewelry, however; I enjoy looking at it, but more I enjoy watching her show and describe it.

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It played in my area last month, but something always came up, and I missed it!  Will try to catch it On-Demand or Netflix.  I think it was Albert Maysles' last documentary.  Smiley Sad

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thaks ladies. Her style isn't for me, but it suits her. I wouldn't buy any of it for myself. I looked and it seems there is nothing in the area at theaters, so I will try netflix


Thanks for taking the time to answer