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I guess I am the lone person who thought it was decent.  Not fantastic but it had its moments.


I thought the story was well done for a pilot.  It's hard to set it all up and orient the viewer as to who and what everything and everyone is.


I think the biggest issue is the young couple is completely miscast.  She is way too young and he is just not a great actor in my opinion. 


Love Fran and Steve together and the friend is hilarious.

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The laugh track didn't help at all. The show just isn't funny IMO.

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One episode was enough for me.  Sort of silly if you ask me.  I wonder how long it'll last.

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I decided not to get involved in this show as I have a lot I watch and DVR on Thursday. It seems by the comments I’ve read, I’ not missing anything!

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Giant thumbs down.

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i watched it and was not impressed. And the parents didn’t learn anything, still planning trips. And Frans character, way over dressed.

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I love 30 minute comedies but they have to be well done.  This show was a mess.  So silly and not funny at all.  I may watch one more time to give it a chance but I doubt this will get any better.

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I forgot when this was on so I missed the pilot, which I saw last night On Demand.  After 10 minutes I shut it off.  Just awful.  What is with that laugh track?  Every line, no matter what they said, the laugh track comes on.  I miss The Nanny (still watch all the old shows on TV).  It is not funny in the least and would not be surprised if this was cancelled very soon.