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Re: In the credits of older movies

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@drizzella   What is amazing about The Wizard Of Oz is that the movie starts out in black & white!  I do not recollect any other "old movie" doing that.


I always thought that Wizard of Oz started out in B&W to distinguish between Dorothy's dream and her real life. In Kansas Dorothy's life was B&W but Oz was a magical adventure. 

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Re: In the credits of older movies

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Fashions by Edith Head and

Dog training by Rudd Weatherwax


I use to love the old black and white films they showed in our schools back in the 60's. 


But some of the first color movies, I recall one of Elvis'  can't think of the name of it, but I recall how beautiful the color in the movies were back then.  


Now look at the films.  We take so much for granted. LOL




And makep by Westmore or Max Factor.