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I listened to teh singer singing "Yesterday," but that part of the program isn't about the singer, it's about those who have passed.  She did a nice job.  I didn't say I didn't hear her sing.


I think that Kirk Douglas should have led off the pictures.  He is a legend in the movie world.  He has earned that recognition.   I give Kobe his props, he earned an Oscar, but  I think it was more fitting to have Kirk on first and then Kobe perhaps. 


All these losses are tragic and sad.   But don't leave people out is all I was getting at. We should honor all of them... they earned that honor.



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Also, didn't Carol Channing pass away this year too?

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@Mesmerelda wrote:

@Ladygray Off topic.....I remember reading that about Brad Pitt (him "growing up" watching 90210) and thinking it was the craziest thing ever.  I grew up watching 90210 (I was a teen in the 1990s) and I knew Brad Pitt was older than me.


I just looked it up....Brad Pitt would have been 27 when 90210 started and 37 when it ended. (Also he was 3 years older than Luke Perry).  


They say girls mature faster than boys.  I guess so.  Woman LOL


And Luke Perry was in movies. He starred in the movie 8 Seconds. They should have included him.

Or perhaps, as I suspect, Brad's simply full of it...


As for the multiple omissions, there's really no excuse... Either the list needs to be INCLUSIVE (one of Hollywood's favorite concepts) or they need to omit it altogether... There was plenty of blather that could have been shaved from that show to allow another minute for this segment... For heaven's sake, it's reached the point where they simply announce honorary Oscars, with no actual presentation during the show and they could easily abbreviate some of the other aspects of the show, which seems to get less entertaining every year.

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Loved Luke too. Oscars need to get their act to get together.


Watched him in the movie Last Breath on You tube recently.


Almost a year since we lost him.


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Very sad omission. If they can honor hair stylists, they could have fit Luke in, also.

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I don't like when the audience cheers for the more popular celebrities, I think it's disrespectful to the others who passed.

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@jellyBEAN wrote:

@Ladygray   No, I don't recall seeing his photo either.  I was straining my ears trying to hear Billie Eilish singing 'Yesterday' that I lost my focus.  Not sure what all the hype is about her other than her manner of dress and choice of hair color.


They also doubled up on a lot of the photographs.





What I did hear of Billie Eilish that was audible was off key. For the life of me, I do not understand the overhype of this young woman. She's mediocre at best.