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If you were a Bonanza TV show fan

This is a fact filled slide show that is really very interesting! I loved Bonanza and still enjoy the reruns when they are on. If you do not mind clicking onto each frame, the slide show is full of fun behind the scenes facts about the show and the main characters.



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Re: If you were a Bonanza TV show fan

Thanks!  Bonanza was must see TV for my Dad and I was in love with Little Joe!

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Re: If you were a Bonanza TV show fan

@SeaMaiden I too have always been a huge Bonanza fan!! I actually saw that slideshow a while ago.I enjoyed going through it again.

   Every so often I find myself flipping through channels looking for something to watch & stumble on old Bonanza episodes.I love watching them.They bring back such beautiful memories. I used to watch the show with my beloved Grandma. 

   I became a huge Michael Landon fan.I watched all of his t.v. movies & t.v. series’.He was so talented.They just don’t make t.v. shows like that anymore!!

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Re: If you were a Bonanza TV show fan

I also would watch with my beloved Grandma. My Mom and my Grandma happened to be at the Detroit airport in 1966 where they spotted Greene and Landon waiting for their flight. It was the thrill of my Grandma's life to meet them , she said they were nice as can be. She was a Russian immigrant, but they managed to understand her and they got a real kick out of her too.