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It's terribly unfortunate that manufactured drama sells,   I'm one who is not in that targeted market and I have a feeling a lot of you are in that same boat.


I wish stuff could just be straight-forward.   There are rewards there and entertainment value too, IMO.    But I guess we're in the minority.  

@chickenbutt - So true! The target audience wants to see the drama, but I wish they would do it as you said!


@HSB1204 - Another thing that made me skeptical about Jamie and Beth: I saw an outtake from the race car scene. The two of them were standing next to each other laughing, and the others were laughing and smiling. This was right after the "scene where Jamie blew up at Beth." Smiley Wink


@beach-mom   Yes, I would also like to just watch the show without any scripted drama.


It's sad how much they edit the show to look like there was more drama than there really was. It's just like some of the previews (the few that I actually got to see before they started adding them into the "Marrying Millions" show) where it looked like there was going to be a huge fight and then it turned out to be nothing.