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Re: I watched it so you dont have to....

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The animals are all distinct characters in the film.  A nice touch.

Yes! Colm's dog (can't remember the name) taking away the sheep shears. Jenny, as Padraic's foil to loneliness. All his animals living in the house after Siobhan leaves. So much there.





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Re: I watched it so you dont have to....


Still trying to figure this one out. I get the best picture nom, I think. I'm not sure if Tar is a villain or a victim and maybe that's the point? 

why the holding of Petras foot?

why did Sharon keep Petra away? What was it that Lydia did that was so bad?

what was the maze theme about?

why all the shots of her car in tunnels?

why did she lie about being assaulted?

did she proposition to Olga?

I found too many questions unanswered in this movie, though it was an interesting story.