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I miss As the World Turns and Guiding Light. I had looked at both for 20 years. All there is is news. Too much and the same stories I saw for 3 days. Nothing much to see here either. Also prices ways too much.

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Re: I miss my soaps--do you?

@halfpint1 Yes!  Yes!  I miss them like you do.  It was so much fun watching them!  


Then those stupid Dr shows started showing up!  Now they're gone and so are the soaps (except for 2 left) and B&B is so freaking short, they say a few words and then commercial, another few words and a commercial.


I DVR most shows so I fast forward over all of the junk.  It doesn't leave much to watch!


I wish they'd bring back those soaps but I know they never will.  Unfortunately!

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Re: I miss my soaps--do you?

I miss All My Children.  I had watched some other soaps for short times in the past, which were either cancelled or I lost interest in them, but I watched All My Children for decades.  I started watching it very shortly after it started and watched it  until it went off the air.

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Re: I miss my soaps--do you?

My favorite was All My Children. I recorded it and watched it after the kids went to bed. Seems like eons ago.

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Re: I miss my soaps--do you?

I miss my soaps too.  


I was an ABC fan.  AMC, OLTL and GH. (still catch up on GH on demand).


And who could ever forget Ryan's Hope.  Heart

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Re: I miss my soaps--do you?

The only thing I miss about soaps I miss is Erica Kane running around w/every man in Pine Valley & never got pregnant.....


A rapist married his victim & they live happily ever after (Luke & Laura).  Liz Taylor was in the wedding....


A cleaning woman ends up marrying the wealthy man she cleaned up for....


Mrs Chandler raises the child of her husband's  mistress who willingly gave the child up for $$$$$....



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Re: I miss my soaps--do you?

Oh how I miss One Life to Live!  There was something about that soap and the characters that I loved.  Also, it had one of the best opening songs (the original version and opening scene is on You Tube).  It may sound silly, but I'm still "grieving" this loss.  I can remember tuning in to this soap in my teen years when I would be home sick from school and that "time of day" when the soap would come on.  Then it was General Hospital that came on right after.  It was a comforting routine.  However, it is nice to see a few of the actors that crossed over to General Hospital so I get to see "Todd Manning" and "John McBain", well, sort of.  Thankfully Young & the Restless (which I've been watching forever) and B&B are still going strong and I try to get caught up whenever I'm home from work. 

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Re: I miss my soaps--do you?

I was a big fan of Another World.     


I miss the days when soap operas dominated the networks.     I remember starting the day with Ryan's Hope and then leading into All My Children and finishing up the day with Another World.  


Does anyone remember when Another World went to a 90 minute time slot?  


Now I guess we're lucky that we still get 60 minutes of Y&R.  

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Re: I miss my soaps--do you?

Yes, I grew up watching As the World Turns and Guiding Light.  My mother and grandmother were huge fans.  I remember watching it when I got home from school.

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Re: I miss my soaps--do you?

I used to watch all of them. I loved GH back in the Luke and

Laura days. And I enjoyed Bo and Hope when they were teenagers on Another World.

Once I began working, I lost interest.