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I'm soooo. behind the times (Hulu's Glades). . .

I recently started binging on Hulu's "Glades".  I liked it!  For some reason, the main character, Jim, reminded me of Tom Sellick's "Magnum".  Jim was a great detective, if a little sarcastic, and I loved the witty banter between the character.  Well, I watched it up to the cliffhanger end of Season 4. . .BAM!  Now I realize that this is not a new series, and there's nothing more.  I guess I need to do some research before I start getting wrapped up in these stupid shows, as I will forever wonder "Who done it" and how it all turned out?????

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Re: I'm soooo. behind the times (Hulu's Glades). . .

I saw the clips from the show but never actually watched. I like detective movies/shows and it sounds like Glades would have been a good show to watch. I wonder why the network did not do a season five?

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Re: I'm soooo. behind the times (Hulu's Glades). . .

You're not alone, @dsk 

There may still be an online group asking for the show's return.  I know there was just after it ended so abruptly.

But I think it may have faded out when the star (who was just perfect in The Glades) went on to another show (Satisfaction).

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Re: I'm soooo. behind the times (Hulu's Glades). . .


There’s a Facebook group called “Save the Glades”. This was just posted yesterday.


Earlier today Sally posted an article about season 5 of The Glades. After reading the story, its seemed to give a small glimmer of hope that it could be possible to get more of our show.

Six years ago was when the show was cancelled and our effort to save The Glades began. At that time the president of production, David McKillop, was responsible for the cancellation. Now, as of 2017, that position was filled by Rob Sharenow.

In light of this article, we here at Save The Glades thought is would be a great idea to let the network know we still want our show back. Thus far we have not found an email address for Rob, but there is a contact us section on A&E website but theres no guarantee that any messges left here will be received by Sharenow, so lets start a writing campaign via snail mail and address your letters to Rob. Tell him how much you love and miss the show and that we want more.

So lets inundate Rob with a ton of mail and show him how much love and support the show still has six years later. And share this idea with your friends too, we can use everyones support.

Please send correspondence to:

Rob Sharenow
A&E Network
235 E 45th St, New York, NY 10017

Lets try and get our show back!

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Re: I'm soooo. behind the times (Hulu's Glades). . .

I remember watching The Glades a few years ago when it was on cable. 

The main character was getting ready for his wedding and someone shot

him and it ended, we never knew what happened! Was the Hulu version

the same show?

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Re: I'm soooo. behind the times (Hulu's Glades). . .

Yes!  As I said, I'm way behind the times. . .