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I'm back to "Call the Midwife"

I really miss something to not be watching this.  Kindness.  And it's English.  I'm going to watch and catchup.  You can't get too much kindness.


Keep seeing the note to "Be nice"  in things to display, not me personally, although that is a good reminder. LOL  So I decided to self-note what the word NICE means.  So I did a few words, and it's a good reminder.  


Beyond have a NICE day, I want to pass in on, pass it forward, or just be quiet. Silence is golden they say. 

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Re: I'm back to "Call the Midwife"

I agree, @qualitygal on enjoying the series and the sentiment.  It takes little effort to be kind or nice.  I've seen a saying before that say something along the lines of, "You don't know how hard the person next to you is struggling just to trying to hold on and keep things together, so be kind".  Here's another one for the right fighters. I can sometimes fall into that category so I need to be reminded too. 😔. Enjoy catching up. 





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Re: I'm back to "Call the Midwife"

I love that!