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@Spurt   You made me laugh!!  Thanks so much, I needed it today.

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I used to watch lots of TV, but there's not much that interests me anymore. The gratuitous violence, foul language, and se* in some modern shows is just not for me. I prefer to watch old movies on TCM, or I watch my favorite movies & old TV shows on DVD. 


We have lots of channels & shows to choose from with our cable package & AppleTV, but I am just very picky about what I like. I have tried to watch a few new shows that sounded like they'd match my interests, but I stopped watching when I lost interest.


If it wasn't for my husband's love of sports, I would probably cut the cord. I wish there was a way to just get the channels we really wanted, but the packages always include junk we don't want. 


And as @stevieb posted I'm really tired of the networks adding premium or plus channels for certain programs that cost even more money than what we already pay for cable. 

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@Midmod wrote:
I'm 54.

I never thought that I would hate 99% of TV, but I do. If it weren't for my husband liking TV, I would not even have service.

Everything offends me. The crude language & situations, lack of morality, juvenile humor, overt s***xuality pervasive throughout even commercials.

I am sitting here trying to enjoy a couple hours companionship with my husband. A commercial aired with an orchestra and singer playing a song that I thought I could enjoy hearing. Until I heard the words.
The words were porno*fic.
Then at the end of this, it shows the South Park characters.
I'm sitting in a stupor of disbelief that this was aired.
I can't unhear it.
I'm just so tired of TV. And every program glorifies death and utter hopelessness.

OMG.  Well you're doing the right thing by not watching.  I happen to love TV.  I don't like programs that insult my intelligence like reality tv programming, but I do find plenty of good movies to watch.  I only watch Cable News networks when there is something major going on in the world or the U.S.  Otherwise, I don't care to know.  Lots of programs for me to choose from.  I kind of feel like now I have too many options to choose from.

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@KingstonsMom wrote:

I must be the odd man out, because I love TV, I just pick and choose what I like to watch and ignore the rest.

No, you're not odd at all.  I love TV too.

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I have always loved tv.  Still do.  Smiley Happy    I tend to have more shows on hand than I can even get through, so I always have a variety of show types.


Right now, as I'm just destroyed mourning the loss of my dear Rupert, the tv is probably one of the main things that is keeping me from going all the way insane.   I have to get outside of my head and tv does that for me.  It's been doing that for me for a long time but right now it's beyond majorly important.  I cannot stay inside my head all the time, especially right now.


I like a variety of show types.  I absolutely must have some comedies and keep on hand episodes of favorites that are gone and current ones.  There are always lots of choices.  


One genre I've always liked to watch is real crime.  I tried to watch a show this morning and really couldn't.  After what I've been through all that blood and crime scene stuff was a bit much, so I'll save those for another time.



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IMO TV has grown up since the 1980's. I think HBO had a lot to do with that, originally moving from mindless regular network programming to TV that competed in excellence with movies in theaters. 


In TV today. we see raw events, raw feelings, raw peeks, & endings that are less than happy that may also be seen in real life. However, some programming exploits this rawness for profit and takes it over the top. But the over-the-top must be getting viewers.


As others have noted, the answer is choice. You can choose what you want to watch on TV, or not watch TV at all. I watch various PBS channels, movies, history & documentaries, some news, some HBO, Project Runway, I have Netflix but I seldom watch it, etc. I can't go back to a diet of mind-numbing early TV, but there are times when I need an escape and cheat with the likes of an occasional "Friends" or "I Love Lucy."

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@Spurt wrote:

@KatieB wrote:

I like TV.  If I'm at home, the TV is on.  For the most part I watch MSNBC, Hallmark Movies and Mysteries, UNCTV, Hallmark, and a few cooking shows.



I thought you might enjoy this from  a discussion when an NFL fan read that Amazon or Apple might be buying the NFL's SUNDAY NIGHT TICKET programming----just too funny---

@afootballfanforcedtowatchHallmark---Meh, I never had Sunday ticket. My wife’s strict interpretation of the FCC’s equal time rule means I have to watch an equivalent amount of Hallmark in my house as sports. Sometimes I’m afraid to peek in on a game knowing that hours later I’m going to have to sit there and find out if Claire is going to save that inn in Vermont she inherited.-------

@Spurt   If it were my house, there would be another TV for husband to watch sports anytime he wanted as long as he did not disturb my TV watching.

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@Kachina624 wrote:

@Midmod    I agree with much of what you say.  I watch very little mainstream TV, sitcoms, reality or violent dramas.  I like nature programs, the game warden shows Nat Geo Wild, programs about Alaska.  I have been binge watching old episodes of Million Dollar Listing which runs 24/7 on Samsung TV Plus.  I like Heartland on Netflix.  Some evenings its hard to find anything to watch.

I find myself watching a lot on the Inspiration channel, all my old westerns, especially Gunsmoke and Wagon Train, I also watch a lot of Antenna TV.  So thankful for these channelsSmiley Happy

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We pay, what I consider to be a very high cable bill, but the part that bothers me the most is paying for a bunch of channels that I have no choice over and have no interest in whatsoever!  I just feel since we are paying such an exorbitant amount we should be able to pick what we want, and what we don't want!  If you want to get a certain channel, you get stuck with paying for a bunch of other channels in a certain "package." I get that the networks or whomever is in charge are going to put shows on which they feel will appeal to the younger people, etc., but what about the rest of us?  We pay our bills just like everyone else and actually, as a senior citizen, who stays at home nearly all the time (I speak for myself only, not for all senior citizens) I watch a lot of t.v. If it weren't for things like Netflix, HGTV, the Food Network, I wouldn't have much of anything to watch.  

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@KatieB wrote:

I like TV.  If I'm at home, the TV is on.  For the most part I watch MSNBC, Hallmark Movies and Mysteries, UNCTV, Hallmark, and a few cooking shows.



gee, if we end up in an old folks home together, I want you as a roommate L O L. This is exactly my lineup of TV watching too.