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I'm 54.

I never thought that I would hate 99% of TV, but I do. If it weren't for my husband liking TV, I would not even have service.

Everything offends me. The crude language & situations, lack of morality, juvenile humor, overt s***xuality pervasive throughout even commercials.

I am sitting here trying to enjoy a couple hours companionship with my husband. A commercial aired with an orchestra and singer playing a song that I thought I could enjoy hearing. Until I heard the words.
The words were porno*fic.
Then at the end of this, it shows the South Park characters.
I'm sitting in a stupor of disbelief that this was aired.
I can't unhear it.
I'm just so tired of TV. And every program glorifies death and utter hopelessness.
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Agree that too much is not worth consuming and it only furthers the decline of society. There are channels that are decent though and recording shows makes it so you can skip the awful commercials.

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I have rarely watched commercials over many years. That's when I flip over to QVC to see what's going on there.

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@Midmod    I agree with much of what you say.  I watch very little mainstream TV, sitcoms, reality or violent dramas.  I like nature programs, the game warden shows Nat Geo Wild, programs about Alaska.  I have been binge watching old episodes of Million Dollar Listing which runs 24/7 on Samsung TV Plus.  I like Heartland on Netflix.  Some evenings its hard to find anything to watch.

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We don't watch many current shows. Ghosts, Equalizer, Resident Alien, 9-1-1, The Resident and Blue Bloods round out our nightly viewing. Some cable news and lots of retro shows fill in the gaps.

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Open your garbage can and stare into it.


It's better content that 99.9% of what's on ALL of TeeVee, the internet, radio,podcasts and "art".


We have turned into a garbage society, who only cares about ONE thing:  ME.

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I agree that TV is bad these days.  And on top of all that is how much we have to pay for all of this terrible broadcasting.  Thanks for starting this forum.  I have thought the same for a long time.

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do you watch South Park or just see that promo for it?

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We watch the Weather Channel, MeTV  and TMC 99% of the time. 

We are watching San Francisco now.


The Olympics were fun to watch and a great diversion of regular TV.


I scan my iPad and QVC forums for any news that may interest us.


Sad times.

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I must be the odd man out, because I love TV, I just pick and choose what I like to watch and ignore the rest.

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