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@Midmod   I have bought tons of dvds of Playhouse 90, 4 Star Theaters, Ford Theater, Alcoa Hour, and on and on.  Also tv series, you name it, and one seller has them.  A Considering how many discs one received in a set, the cost is very reasonable and they play beautifully.  I have done this because I hardly find anything to watch on tv, aside from a few favorites, so I watch these dvds where the acting is the best, and proper grammar is spoken, hardly hear that any longer except from people of my generation.


I am thoroughly enjoying these, 

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TV does most definitely STINK for the most part.  And we pay so much for it.  If it wasn't for my husband I would have just antenna.  I'm so tech dumb I'm trying to figure a way to lose our high $ cable. 

I like paranormal and cop shows.  The British shows are always outstanding. 

All the house renovation shows....can't stand those.

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