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I have Comcast/Infinity and they offer free streaming on Peacock, Tubi and IMDbtv. Last week I watched Marry Me with Jlo and Owen Wilson for free. It wasn't the best but it was fun. 


I like Castle, Diagnosis Murder, Monk, NCIS New Orleans, L&O (reruns) and Hawaii Five-O. Oldies but goodies for me. Many of the newer shows are not to my liking. I think there is plenty of variety. 

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I agree that much of the programming today is unpleasant to watch. There's far too much inappropriate, crude behavior.


It's a testament to how much the level of acceptance and society has changed. Of course, some of us older folks grew up with shows like The Waltons and many more that were almost saccharine wholesome (but we loved 'em), making it hard to adjust to the trash out there now. 


But, I can still always find something pleasant and -- yes, even educational to watch. I keep the DVR loaded with such. 

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Since we are no longer restricted to 3 broadcast channels, the choices are vast and unlimited. 


Unless folks are still receiving only ABC, CBS and NBC via their antenna, I find it very, very, very hard to believe that there is nothing palpable to watch.  The Golf Channel? The Weather  Channel? I haven't seen much pornography there.

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I love TV  but agree with your assessment.  "They" have ruined TV.  There are some shows that I watch over and over but they are old reruns.  But they are great shows and I never tire of them.   There have been  very good shows but because there are so many choices/channels the shows don't get the viewership they need to continue production and are then cancelled.  Long gone are the days when millions tune in for a weekly episode.  Some very good shows get a couple of million viewer vs 30 millions of days gone by.   In addition it take forever to find anything worth watching.  I do  come here for recommendations. As with most things now a days, the industry has been its own worst enemy.

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I was not so much offended as bored with the same old cop and doctor shows.  Nothing ever really new.  That changed when I got a roku device and started streaming.  Now I binge watch shows that are really good.  I have watched so much on Acorn....Doc martin, A place to call home, Heart guy....shows that lasted many seasons and you get so invested.  I have Direct stream for my husband through aT & t but would cancel it tomorrow if he did not want it.  

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If my dh would let me, I'd only watch G rated.
Fetv, metv, insp, history,
I can't watch movies with language, situation. Makes me very uncomfortable. I only like old movies. I record a lot. I agree with the poster that programming and commercials prior to the 90's was more wholesome and it spoiled me because I know there was once much better. Of course it wasn't all but the content of most was more family friendly. This acceptance of filth in our eyes is not progression.

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@Midmod wrote:


To each their own. Don't like tv? Don't watch it. 


I don't watch South Park but it is well known for being irreverent and over the top. The 2 new commercials are rather creative and reflect that. 


Relax. I'm going on 70 and it is what it is. It's not Father Knows Best anymore.  

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I like the TV I watch.  I rely on CNN for much of my news and love the History channel and the many documentaries offered.

The three-part series on Lincoln, just produced in conjunction with Doris Kearns Goodwin, was outstanding.  I enjoy many of the British series - Father Brown, Call the Midwife, Doc Martin, etc.  I enjoy Rick Steves’ travel documentaries.  And how about NOVA and such?


And yes, I read.  Selectively so, mostly about serious topics.

And while there are mindless shows on TV, not everything published is worthwhile reading either.  






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I'm a Royal watcher and pay for that channel.

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I mostly watch old shows that I never watched originally, i.e, Frazier, Mash, Law & Order.  Also watch a lot of TCM and Movies!  Watch none of the new sfuff and have no interest in doing so.