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The most sickening movie ever.  I thought "Mother" was the worst.  "Midnight Meat Train" which I would have never looked at if I had known the name of it!  Brooke Shields was asking Bradley Cooper to take photos.  He becomes interested in a subject that worked in a meat packing plant, it went way downhill from there... 


We have internet TV in our bedroom and turn on TUBI for sound and were listening to "Regarding Henry" which is a nice love story.  I have trouble sleeping and often wake and catch a movie.


I was so upset I woke DH and asked him to talk with me for a few minutes and find out what the name if this gross thing was.  We emailed TUBI and got an answer back which told us how to set auto play in the PG only settings which we now do.  They also said they are working on stopping Horror movies from mixing in with other kinds of movies. 


Maybe this will help another person who also likes to sleep with the internet TV on.  Sleep experts say to have a dark, quiet room for good sleep but for me light noise helps me and DH also sleep.

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@Jackhound Mom 


Sounds disgusting.


I rarely watch any movie unless I know the content.  We have no special movie services, so mostly, I will watch Turner Classic Movies.


That said, I often wonder WHY actors will accept rolls in such disgusting movies.....violence, explict scenes, repulsive content....


I know they have to work, but, I won't/can't watch such stuff, so someone else is paying their salary.

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If I woke up my DH to discuss anything except the house was on fire I'd be better off being in the movie.

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a long time ago when i had trouble sleeping, i learned that if i turned on something boring like a documentary on the science channel or discovery or something like that  ... and if i turned the volume way down so low that i had to strain a little to hear it ... well, bingo !! .  i would be asleep in no time.  


i feel like if i was listeniung to something like a movie that i would be tempted to 'stay tuned' to see what was going to happen next.


just a thought. 

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I have never seen "Mother", is it really that bad? Scary?

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I hate it when I fall asleep with the ID Channel on and I wake up to some gruesome murder show.  It's upsetting because I know I have been listening to it before I was fully awake.  I love those shows but some are just too much, I don't watch all of them.  I don't wake hubby but but if turn a shopping channel or some silly sitcom, that pushes the memory out.  When I do intentionall go sleep with the tv on, it's on Comcast Xfinity has a bunch of all music.  I choose the Soundscapes one with is just soft music, no lyrics. Perfect for sleeping.  

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Thank you for the warning!  I agree with you about "Mother!," too.


When I can't sleep, I like to watch a game show or a documentary like "The Movies."  That was preempted this weekend, of course.

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@Jackhound Mom you can get a white noise machine, or get music that helps meditation or sleep wherever you get your music.  I know a lot of people like TV in their bedroom.  Not me!

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@Jackhound Mom      If you have trouble sleeping... sleeping with TV on and any lights in the room contribute to  poor sleep.  Try for a week with no noise... ( or just a fan on for  white noise) and no TV and  no lights in room. Shut the door if you need to... Just try it for one week.  You  might find that you sleep better and do not need the TV on. 

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I have several CD's that I put on at night to help me sleep.   My favorite one is the sound of falling rain.   The CD's run for an hour but I'm always asleep long before they shut off.


I purchased them on Amazon.   Besides the falling rain, I also have one that is the sounds of the ocean.   The only thing that I dislike about that one is a few times you hear the sounds of seagulls.  If you are just falling asleep that squawking can wake you up quickly.  


The CD's work wonderfully for me.   I also have a flameless candle on my dresser that I have set to stay on four 4 hours.   I can't sleep in a room that is in total darkness.  I have to have just a small amount of light.   


My husband likes darkness so he just wears a sleep mask.