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Re: I Love Secrets and Lies!

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There are so many twists & turns, my head is starting to spin....


Daddy has cancer......maybe? faint.gif


Amanda & Neil are lovers or ex lovers but Neil is in love w/Amanda but shes not in love w/him??????  *insert spinning head*



Patrick's slutty wify is running a whore house!173836.gif

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Re: I Love Secrets and Lies!

Neil is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!! I don't get that relationship though, you never saw even a tiny hint of it before Sunday's episode...... I think that the brother who drinks too much and his wife are something else.....Who would have thought she would be running a house with you know what(not sure if I can say the word here)? They said this one is not getting the ratings they had hoped for, so after this one, there may be no more. I always thought it was a one and done, but I kind of like how every season, its a totally different storyline with new characters, and the only constant is Cornell.....

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Re: I Love Secrets and Lies!

I like that this show is a continuing murder mystery.  It keeps my interest.