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Re: I Just Finished Bridgerton!

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I just recently watched season one and was smitten.....then I started the second season and just was not as interested....the character development of the Duke's background was fascinating and seemed lacking in the next season.  Maybe I'll give another try....I really didn't want the story to end. 

Plus, I "burned" for the sight of Rege Jean Page each episode. It won't be the same without him.

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Re: I Just Finished Bridgerton!

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I really liked it.  Bridgerton isn't Downton, no one can top Downton, though!


I wanted the story to go on and on.....


I have read seven of the books, just one more to go when I get around to it, and I did watch the Bridgerton Book 1 Netflix Adaptation, with Simon and Daphne's story being told.  In my opinion, both can be enjoyed.


I tried to watch Downton, but I could not get into it. 

It starts a little slow @icezeus  but if you have time, give it another go, it gets better. I really enjoyed it.

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Re: I Just Finished Bridgerton!

Just watched the second season of Bridgerton.  It is nowhere near Downton.  Not even in the same league.  Downton was a drama and a period depiction.  Bridgerton is a romantic lightweight period comedy/romp.  Season 1 was so much better than Season 2, because Simone and Daphne seemed to be more evenly distributed.  In Season 2 while the formula calls for the Kate and Anthony to get together the consummate scene was nearly at the very end.  And i thought the camera work on Kate was too much.