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I Had No Idea that....

game shows hire actors....


So I went looking on the internet trying to find why we don’t see more people in wheelchairs on game shows and in general.


This has long been a pet peeve of mine.


I don’t know anyone in a wheelchair...I just believe there’s no logical reason why they shouldn’t be seen on TV more often...or at all.


Then, like so often happens with me, I got diverted into reading personal accounts by actors who were hired to be audience members in game shows.


I know all about people who fill audiences (I’ve participated in a few) while touring Disney, etc.  I know about people who fill in seats at award shows...but I didn’t know about game show.


Here’s on such account...I find this interesting....




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Re: I Had No Idea that....

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Fascinating!  I'm not a regular game show viewer, so this was enlightening.


Guess they didn't learn from the movie "Quiz Show" huh?

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Re: I Had No Idea that....

Thanks, Annabelle.


A few weeks ago, I saw Kirstie Alley on an old rerun of "Password" on the BUZZR channel.  She said she was an interior designer.  I wondered if she decided to pursue acting after doing the show, or if the producers told her not to mention she was an actress.  She was a good contestant.

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Re: I Had No Idea that....

These days it just wouldn't surprise me.  I've watched some game shows where the contestant appears to be trying to get their 5 minutes of fame.

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Re: I Had No Idea that....

And actors are in the audiences of Judge Judy and Judge Milian.  Just read about that recently and now I've noticed the same people in episode after episode. 

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Re: I Had No Idea that....

many reality show "stars"  are also in the actor guild.... reality is not really reality AT ALL.....

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Re: I Had No Idea that....

There was a young man in a wheelchair on Family Feud a while back. I also seem to remember a woman being invited back to be in the audience because she had such a contageous laugh. This was a while ago but I think she was in the audience regularly.