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I used to watch him but then it became crazy.  I saw him on Celebrity Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.  Not sure how far he got but he was up to $64,000.  I can't stand his wife Robin, claiming to not have plastic surgery when she sure did in my opinion.


As for pre-empting the show, I can't watch Hot Bench 3-4 pm EST because VA's governor has his press conference on daily.  I'm in MD.  Grrr. 

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I'm glad the New York stations stopped running the daily DeBlasio briefings especially on Sunday mornings when they interrupted CBS Sunday morning.  Whether you like the show that the OP wrote about or not (and I don't), if it provides some escape then enjoy! 

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I can't watch Dr Phil either...never could.  Can't stand him.  😀


Me neither.  I actually thought that's what this thread was about.  Smiley Happy


Add me to the list -- that won't watch him anymore.  I liked him when he was on with Oprah and when he first had his show, it was helpful.  Now I just think he takes advantage of "train wrecks."

I think he fabricates train wrecks, then enhances them.

@Kachina624   He does.  In fact he has pulled guests from Sally Jesse Raphael's old show thinking people wouldn't remember.  Enhances the storyline and off he goes.


Wash, rinse, repeat.


@TurnerGal   Agree.  His earlier spots on Oprah were ok-I was never a fan but he was easier to watch back then.


Same for Dr. Oz.  Pay no attention to the man who stands in front of a panel with his name all over it when interviewd.  Yeesh.

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Watch DR. PHIL I would rather watch cartoons.

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Perhaps you need to email or call your governor's office.  Sorry, but we can't help you here.

I did that also but his office never answers anyone that I know of that has written.


DH did try to "join" an "on demand" with our service HULU.  We tried everything to see this 3rd episode of a catfish story that I found really interesting.  I thought there may be another way that someone could help me with.  If so, thanks!

I  watched that too. On the 3rd episode Dr. Phil was about ready to lose his patience and I don't blame him. That was the dumbest woman ever

was. He got in fraud experts, sent people over to Nigeria to search for all these hucksters, showed her proof she was sending money overseas to people preying on lonely women that were one brick shy of a load and at the end he says "are you now convinced that you have been played and these people are not REAL ? She kept whining "I don't know the money looked real in the hotel room" blah, blah like that.


Poor Phil he had no idea what else he could do to convince this numbskull that she was being ******* over and she might as well take that 100,000 dollars and pour down a rabbit hole.   Her daughter and sister were out of their minds trying to get thru to her.


Anyway, it ended Thurs. with Phll getting her a therapist to talk too .

I think she'll probably fall for the first line the next will hand her. She was pathetic. Her daughter pleaded with her that her granddaughter needed her and she had a family that cared about her, loved her. Her daughter said "you don't know what you do have don't throw it all away and bankrupt yourself to where you don't have any money left ".


They wasted 2 days with her she was a lost cause. A 3rd day was totally to much.

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@SharkE  Thank you for the detailed update!  I really wanted to see who this last boyfriend was, John Shaw may be his name but I can't remember for sure.


She was the most irritating person I have seen on that show in a while.  No I can't get with all the topics on Dr. Phil either.  Some are entertaining some hurt my heart.  Shelly Duvall was tragic.  I was hoping for an update on her that showed her to be mentally healthy.  I'm fond of her as an actress.


If he is not "your cup of tea" great but please don't insult us who do enjoy a show now and then.  We must have a lot of company because he is still on. 

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That wasn't me that insulted anybody you got me mixed up with one of the others I got nothing against Phil

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@SharkEHi, that last part wasn't for you sorry.  It was for the cyber friends that Don't like Dr. Phil Heart  I appreciated your thoughtful update!

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Do you get the OWN channel? They air reruns, though, a lot of them are old. 

I just cannot understand these, usually women, that succumb, to catfishers, sometimes, losing hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

I get being lonely 😞, but these catfish stories are ridiculous!  How are you So oblivious, that you continue to send, enormous sums of money, to someone you have never met? The woman you're talking about, had ended a 37 year marriage, and had a daughter. Not like she was fresh out of a convent; how could she be that gullible, and with several different men. 

I'm not available, but if I was chatting with a guy, on line, the first time he asked for money, would be our last chat! 

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Yeah, when my husband passes that's it for me I sure don't want another one. These women are nuts they got a little bit of money of their own , stuff that you would have a man around to do just pay somebody to do other jobs. LOL


I'm not interested in romance and fake talk. Phil told her to unplug from the pc for 90 days and get  a clear perspective. Older people who are desperate and lonely are ripe fruit to these kind of people.  She had a job, too. Phil told her in order for her to get professional  help they can work around her work schedule. She acted so whiny.  



"I know, I know",  "I guess".   I got enough sense to know there is no white knights out there that are gonna come swooping down on you from a pc page and be your dream man. I'm not looking to get 'catfished'.   What I got I'm keeping. No lazy man gonna say sweet nothings and make off with my assets.