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None of it scares me.  I just don't 'enjoy' watching someone loose a body part or die by anything.


My late husband was using a chain saw standing on a pile of logs and he hit a knot in the wood.  The chain saw kicked up three times very quickly and hit him in the chin.


He was holding his chin together and I looked at all of the blood and said, "Get in the car girls.  Your Dad has had ANOTHER accident".  They had to sew it back together in layers.  He took most of the stitches out himself.


He had a good size scar on his chin but (he said because he shaved every day) the scar was always there but didn't sit up as much over the years.


Hummm......Another time he came upstairs, blood everywhere, holding his hand with the other hand.  I took on look and said, "Get in the car girls, your Dad has had another accident".  This time it was a radial saw.  He was cutting something and didn't move his hand.


I could tell you more stories but that's not what this is about.


I will tell you, blood, guts, none of that stuff bothers me at all.  I don't panic at all.  I just don't think it is interesting to see someone inflicting such gruesomeness on another person.  Blood spatters everywhere, sometimes they die and that's it.  


What's interesting about that?  Just saying.

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"what carrier do you have?  I still can't find it."

Verizon FIOS


"Did you see It?   I didn't care for it....I was afraid of clowns when I was younger.  I hate when kids are the victims of gore.   I also hate when Santa is a serial killer"

There are actually 2 It movies.  The original movie I liked.  The 2nd one (recent) I did not like.  Was nothing like the book except for the kids.

I am a Steven King fan.  I read the book when It first came out.  Naturally, the book is far better & scarer than the movie.


"Phantasm series"

Now that is an oldie but goodie.  First horror franchise????  Phantasm is rarely shown on TV.  The last one came out 2016-called Phantasm Ravager.  

The original (first one) is on YouTube.

@Mz iMac- those spheres and the ice cream truck....I rented them on VCRs first I think.  Yes, I saw the first It too and liked it.  It was the recent I did not like.  I also read the book and like King but haven't read any recently tho I have some on my kindle I hope to get to on my upcoming vacation.   I'm always looking for a good horror film.  

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@Annabellethecat66- it's not the blood and gore that I enjoy, I think it's a way that I get out anger & hostility.  I'm a rather peaceful person tho I was a nurse so maybe I look at the blood part in a different way.  With horror, it's the creative way in which they do away with people and sometimes the killer is a vigilante or has a moral code like Dexter.  Often, there may be a touch of humor or the killer may be highly clever &  intelligent & there is mystery  I didn't enjoy Texas Chainsaw nor do I like just slashing.  But take the Hellraiser franchise, there's a lot going on....more than meets the eye.  Sometimes I just like recurring characters like in Saw.   I do enjoy movies where the actor just conveys pure evil like Hopkins in Silence of the Lambs....yet, he did have a code of sorts...Rosemary's baby is yet another type and just a great cast, atmosphere, scary yet a lot of humor.