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This is a Christmas movie on Hallmark Channel. I watched it last night and it was really good. IMHO, this is a movie that is worth watching unlike many of the new movies. This was a heartwarming movie.

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I watch Hallmark all day! I don't think I could watch it, looks sad. I need HAPPY right now!!!!!

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Re: Holly & Ivy

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@elated , I watched it last night also. It was sweet but, it seemed like it was too rushed at the end, almost like you fell alseep then woke up having missed a big segment of the movie and wondered what the heck happened here. I just thought it could have been done alot better.   

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I watched HOLLY and  IVY this afternoon and loved it. I look forward to watching it again. I get tired of the airy little holiday romance on the regular Hallmark channel and find the meaningful ones on HMM Movies & Mysteries more enjoyable.

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Thanks for reminding me of Holly & Ivy.  It was good but I hadn't slept the night before and dosed off about midway through it.  No worries though know, lol.  Hallmark is known for its repeats.

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