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I never watched the show before tonight!  Wow! I can't believe it.  What a way to get motivated to throw out things!


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My husband loves that show, the minute it comes on I turn the channel, ICK


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@pprmntstx I feel the same way.  Any time I happen to catch that show I start cleaning.  It gives me the hibbie gibbies seeing them walk through their homes.

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Agreed! Can't watch that show without getting up and cleaning - during and after.

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I wish that show is staged but sadly it's not.

My house stays a bit more cluttered than I care to admit but there is nothing on the floor, except furniture & my trash is gone daily.  


I can understand emotions attached to an inanimate object, not that it's right but I do understand but I don't understand the garbage everywhere.

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I've only watched a few of those shows and stopped because I couldn't stand it anymore. No one will ever accuse me of being a neat freak, but what the people in that show have goes beyond disgusting. I can't understand how they can sit on a sofa surrounded by trash and garbage while entire colonies of roaches crawl around them. If I were their family or friends, I wouldn't visit them for fear of bringing the roaches home. The show just gives me the heebie-jeebies! 

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A&E is going to start airing a new season soon.  I think that is why there are so many reruns being shown now.  I watch them all - it is like a train wreck that I cannot turn away from.  Common sense doesn't work, and unforunately most of these people are a bit to severely mentally ill.  Some are just lazy, but no matter what, it is disgusting.  Good way to make you clean up your house.  The therapists and cleaning specialists are very compassionate and take a lot of verbal abuse from the hoarders.

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I love the show because I look at my home and it looks so clean in comparison to the hoard home.....I  feel I do not have to clean!😄

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@suziebee1 totally agree. Many are severely mentally 

ill. The show acts as a motivation for me to look to throw away clutter.

Once I knew what to look for I spot many secret hoarders----- windows blocked, porches having junk,

junkers in driveway full of garbage etc. 

I think the problem is more common than I realized.


I had a dear friend who hoarded--- even in her classroom---- she was a teacher suffering from severe



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The show sure did get me decluttering!