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Did anyone watch this new series that started last night on HBO? It is based on a trilogy of books by Philip Pullman. I found it intriguing and different. Each character is accompanied by a daemon which is an animal that represents the human's soul. James McAvoy and Ruth Wilson have prominent roles. 

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Yes, I ran across this last night while scrolling. It caught and held my attention all the way through. Which is rare.  I may decide to continue. The premise with the animals is very interesting.

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I have so much I DVR and watch on Monday night, I'm not sure I want to take on another show. I might take a look at it over the weekend.

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@chessylady  Thanks for bringing this to my attention.  Just watched first episode - this is not my usual kind of thing to watch but I love McAvoy and enjoyed it.   Will continue to watch.

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I just now am watching the first episode.  I watched the second one first because of a trailer before or after "Catherine the Great."  The second one caught my attention. So, I must go back and figure out the weird stuff with those well behaved children..........very strange. 


I grew fond of Ruth Wilson from a PBS series.    

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Re: His Dark Materials

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Anyone still watching this?  I, surprisingly enough, am really enjoying it this is not my normal ‘thing’.


 Just watched last episode and love the introduction of the Bear!  Great fun.