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@Oznell   Did I ever tell you I bought the whole complete Columbo TV show series at Walmart for 60. Bonus movies and all.

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Wow, that is a great series to have at hand, @SharkE -- plus the movies!  Good deal.  Not long ago, someone alerted the one with Gene Barry, where he's a psychiatrist who has an elaborate plan to do away with his wife.  I'm thinking it may have been the first episode ever? 


I recorded it, and enjoyed it so much, especially the trademark "cat-and-mouse" interplay betw. Peter Falk and wily (but not wily enough!) Gene Barry....

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@Oznell - Prescription Murder with Gene Barry is my favorite.  It was the pilot movie.

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Yes, he was a nice looking man. Seemed to have been proud of his appearance. Maintained his looks.


Did you yearn for those days when people dressed to go on a plane ? LOL


Now, you got people changing diapers in the seat across from you instead of taking the kid to the bathroom. The smell sure added to our enjoyment of the ride.


I miss those days. My sister said the other day "I sure miss the 50's" LOL

Growing up in the 50's and 60's is what she meant I guess. I won't go into detail on how things have changed don't want to get 'mentioned' and get my teeth handed to me. Trying to avoid.

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We own season 2 but it's on a couple of cable channels now.

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I grew up in the 1950s and 1960s and watched these shows when they first aired. Those were two great decades. 😁