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When they sell a house they show their commisson ( which is great) so they must make alot of money per year. They do work for a brokeage firm and I wonder if a certain percent goes to the firm. I don't think they are selling much right now with all the fires going on. I had a realtor friend that told me some years are great others not and they always put money away for those lean years.

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@SharkE wrote:

I agree with each and every comment. Which is rare, but, it's happened this time. LOL


My impression of Heather is she was raised spoiled and with a sense of self entitlement. Sure, a woman would like to have her husband and the Father of her child around for these little shopping trips. I don't fault her for that, but, the reality of being married to some one who is super ambitious is that she would be happier with a man making 50,000 a yr. and is a 9 to 5 'er type of guy. 


Ok, now he's home all the time and living in Cal. on 50,000 and wanting to live in a home worth millions, driving big nice fancy cars, not having to squeeze pennies at the grocery and living on a tight budget. She will have to learn everything in life and I mean EVERYTHING is a sacrifice. You can't have it all, all the time.


My b'day is the 23rd of Dec. Every yr. hubbo works that day, every yr. I know he will be gone.  We go out another day, there has been a few times I"ve made reservations only to have to cancel even on other days that we planned ahead. The woman has to decide what she can learn to live with and not be a harpy or no more 1500.00 strollers and learn to live on an allowance and one car, etc.

@SharkE  Very good points.  These are very driven people, or they wouldn't have the success they desire.  They will have to learn to compromise on many things, or there will be problems.


Early Happy Birthday, friend.

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I hope that Heather really wanted a child.  I see it as she will be raising the baby by herself even with him around.

She also said she did not have time to shop either.  She had to carve out time to get the stroller. 

I would never let him take the baby to day care for fear he is so invested in work he would leave the child in the car.

I hope that they have aclimated their dogs to be ok with the baby.