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What is really great about this program is having the same actors since the start.  Now you see the actors 10 years or so on the current program whiich is actually tonight Thursday at 7:00 pm Central time.  I love this program it's about family, it's about horses and friendships.  Cat Very HappyHeart

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 Loved the early seasons of Heartland, but did not care for season 14.  I did not even finish watching the last few episodes of 14.  I am not watching season 15 so I do not know if it improved.





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This program has had a great run but I suspect the actors, especially the younger ones, may be eager to spread their wings and try some new things.  It may be slowly petering out.  I've really enjoyed it for several years, however.  Anyone who likes horses would love it, and its never boring.  I been there where its filmed and love the scenery.

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