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@Mz iMac wrote:

YUP!.gifBut now doing commercials for HULU.

I wouldn't kick him out of my shower

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I love that guy!  Did anyone ever see the YouTube video of how that commercial where he does a lot of different things was made?  I’ll see if I can find it.


He’s so cute.  I avoid all commercials but I like his and the She Shack commercial.  I also like the commercial with the dogs.


I’m glad he’s finally being recognized.  He’s been in several




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TU so much for that video.  Very interesting.  I was wondering how he did all that.


Another interesting point.....his normal speaking voice is not really deep. Smiley LOL

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@Mz iMac  I knew that (about his speaking voice) because whenever I've seen him acting on a show it isn't as deep as in the commercial.


In fact, the first time I saw him acting, I had to do a double-take because was used to his deep voice.