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Re: Hallmark cut ties with Loughlin

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Just saw that Lori’s daughter was spending Spring Break on a USC’s trustee’s yacht while her mother was in court....

it looks like Huffman and Loughlin will be the face of this entire scandal...and the 48 others who have also been charged will get to stay in relative anonymity. 

@lovesrecess  I read that she is off the yacht now though.

Get off, you're rockin' the boat!

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Re: Hallmark cut ties with Loughlin

It's about time!!  Unfortunately this has been going on for years.  In the world it's not WHAT you know, it's WHO you know.  If that doesn't get what you want, those with enough money can buy anything!!!!  Disgusting!


Every student still in school should be reviewed to see if they deserve that spot.  Every graduate should have their degree reviewed to see if it was earned or paid for!


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Re: Hallmark cut ties with Loughlin

About Hallmark cutting ties with her, I am a huge fan of Lori Loughlin, but . . . GOOD! She shouldn't get off easily from all of this.


About Olivia Jade's being on a trustee's yacht for spring break: I wonder how many other privileged kids were there too. There's something about her. I think she's on track to being another Kardashian with all of her poses. She doesn't look 19. I'm glad Sephora severed ties with her. And she certainly doesn't deserve to stay at USC. I can't believe she made it through the first semester at a school like this. We're not hearing much about her sister, who is also at USC. 


It amazes me that the media is reporting most of the kids didn't know about this. C'mon! They posed for pictures so their parents could photoshop their faces on others' bodies, and did they think they were brillliant enough to score a 35 out of a perfect 36 on the ACT when they were struggling in high school? I think most -if not all- of them had to know. 


They should all be expelled. And the reputation of the involved schools will suffer.


As I write this, part of me feels sorry for the kids. But I've seen kids like this since before I had children of my own. There are always those who think they can cheat the system and think the rules don't apply to them. And they ruin it for the others. 


I can't do anything about poor parenting. 

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Re: Hallmark cut ties with Loughlin

TMZ just reported that both girls have withdrawn from USC and will not be applying to any school for a while.

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Re: Hallmark cut ties with Loughlin

Wonder if Lori will ever be on Full House again. Hope she's done with that too.


I never watched the new version. Is it still on Netflix?


Saw a meme that showed Lori starring in Big House.D1eFdUjWwAUjf_Q house.jpg

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Re: Hallmark cut ties with Loughlin

@Glitter3 wrote:

good!!! I’m glad they cut ties with her. I’m so sick of actors thinking they are above the law!!! They should have to pay the consequences for their actions! On a side note- I hope the actor Jussie Smollett never gets another acting job again. 


    I agree with both your points.  It seems so many of these privileged people (actors, financial fat cats,

government officials) think that they live in a world where they can manipulate all rules to suit their goals!!


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Re: Hallmark cut ties with Loughlin

@three cees Fuller House is still on Netflix. It has been renewed for a fifth and final season.

I never watched the new version either.
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Re: Hallmark cut ties with Loughlin

I wonder if Target will have any fallout from this?

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Re: Hallmark cut ties with Loughlin

I knew they would cut all ties with her. I don't have any sympathy for her. She deserves to be gone. I have empathy for her casts members that have to pay the penalty for her actions. The entitled are now getting their just desserts. 

I don't believe that William H. Macy is innocent. He had to know what was happening. He must think he has escaped this scandal. Time will tell when it comes to his career.

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Re: Hallmark cut ties with Loughlin

Watch the daughters YouTube video... she’s in the dorm. Among other entitled, pathetic stuff, says, ‘ I don’t care about school anyway’. Sickening, compared to how hard some of these kids work to try to get in, and are not accepted. Should be expelled.