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I didn't see it but am glad to hear I didn't miss much.

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It made me homesick because, California knows how to PartyHeart

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@birdQ13 wrote:
I think it was a good-to-great show and it's not my music. Good to have legends & spectacle.




I enjoyed it but for me no one will ever top Prince's halftime show.

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I should have trusted my gut instinct and not bothered to watch, but I wanted to see if all the hype was true - NOT!! 


I do think Snoop is cool and all that and I kinda like Eminem OK, but the rest - I could barely recognize a word they sang here n there so I was disappointed.


I didn't even see the Bud Clydesdale commercial.  Did it air?


We had a lot of local business commercials which I thought was odd, maybe they pre-empted the Clydesdales to run those. 


And I'm sorry Cincinnati didn't win.  I always root for the underdogs.  All in all a big waste of time.  I could have been watching 'The Music Man' on TCM.

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Trewking, throwing up gang signs, rapping about rape, what's not to love?

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Don't care for this genre of music so skipped the half time show. The game was better than I thought it would be. Hard to beat the KC Chiefs vs Buffalo Bills playoff game.
Very disappointed in the commercials. 

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@Sooner @I absolutely agree with you about Prince. Won't forget the rain falling when he sang "Purple Rain." Putting on the doo-rag was extra. I suppose the next genre for 2023 will be country, Blake Shelton maybe.

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@jellyBEAN @Yes, there was an emotional Clydesdale commercial.

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It puzzles me that people support this genre and then complain about violence--which it promotes.


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@Sooner wrote:

It puzzles me that people support this genre and then complain about violence--which it promotes.



I won't condemn the entire genre, but it puzzles me that so many people don't seem to have any issues with Snoop.