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I recently rediscovered this channel.  After watching a few marathons with different designers, it's all about them, "I" this, and "I" that, the only designer that I don't hear that from is Love it or List it Hillary, and this is my favorite show.  I don't like the Scott Brothers taste at all, so don't watch this.  I watched Home Town one day, like the houses they redo, old and with charm and character, but the woman is another "I" designer, so can only take so much.


I used to watch Love it or List it, faithfully, but somehow lost track of it for several years, now am enjoying it again, mostly reruns so am catching up on what I missed.  I like the way she reconfigures spaces to allow for more room, but this would cost a fortune in my area.

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House Hunters International is my favorite!  I love seeing different homes all over the world.

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I like watching Love It or List It occasionally also.  I like both Hillary and David.  It just bothers me sometimes when the couple up the budget for the house but refuse to give Hillary more money.  Doesn't seem fair!!!



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House Hunters is my favorite too. I especially enjoy the France episodes. I miss France so much, having been there 20+ times. Seeing the villages and, of course, Paris, takes me back.

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@kaydee50 @I don’t care about the contest part of the show — that part feels totally fake to me and I know why people up their budget for a different house rather than pouring more into a house they’re very likely to leave anyway a year or two after the show.


the prices are also meaningless since the price of houses and of renovations vary drastically from one area to another.  Besides I’m often watching old shows.  Then the prices can really be off.  


I watch to get ideas.  Love Hillary’s ideas even though the prices are off and we seldom see what the house looks like when the family lives in it. She gets rid of so many things.  Sort of like my place for 5 minutes after it’s been cleaned!

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Love this channel! It helped me a lot with my decision making during my massive house renovation this year. 

The only thing that I do not like is that they ( flippers or contractors) have a tendency to become repetitive with designs. I love luxury and creativity.

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I used to like this channel but now every time I put it on its Chip and Joanna Gaines reruns! I do not care for the two of them.

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I have started watching again. I still like Love it or List It. I like Hilary and David both. I like Hilary's style and the fact that she can redesign those rooms and they looks so good. I also like the new series House in a Hurry....I can't believe those couples look at so many houses in a weekend and decide so quickly! I like Home Town occassionaly, but their designs kind of all blend together to me sometimes...I still watch House Hunters as well...I am glad they revamped the channel somewhat because it was becoming very stale, and I stopped watching for a while!

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My favorite is Love It Or List It.  I think Hillary does the best designs of any designer on HGTV.  

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There is a Canadian version on HGTV  canada that I was watching when I was in Vancouver last year.  It was less annoying than the US version.

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