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I do really like Selling The Big Easy on friday nights! It is a house hunter show, only in New Orleans! It is good, and the host is very funny, and it is a little different!



I don't like this one as much as I wanted.   Maybe I'm just burned out on these house hunting shows.  Or it could be the selling price is north of $1M. 


But I agree, love New Orleans, love the style and the host is great.

I DVR and find myself fast forwarding through most of it.

I started watching it & the blonde girl's schtick got old for me real fast & I gave up & deleted the timer from my DVR after about 3 shows.  I did enjoy looking at the beautiful homes in New Orleans, but that was about it.

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I guess to each his own. I still love to watch some of the HGTV shows:


I love the FLip or Flop shows the original with Tarek and Christina,  Vegas (even though the wife has awful taste in decor). Brother vs Brother, Property Brothers, Boise Boys, Hometown, Good Bones, and Christina on the Coast.  



Omigosh - at the time you wrote that, I had only seen one of the Vegas shows.  It's now on this morning and she's so over the top!!  I kind of love it because it's so different from every other show.  Sort of like a caricature of Vegas decor. I think they look more like theme rentals that you find on Airbnb rather than a family home. Wouldn't mind staying in one for a week, just not for life!!

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I guess none of these people have heard of presale home inspections. I get especially annoyed at some of these experienced contractors who end up "surprised" to find a rotten roof, decaying foundations, or other major problem with a property.

@Bugonbike  All this is known beforehand. They need to create some phony drama.




Totally agree . . . see Windy City Rehab . . . what a mess.  To be honest I haven't watched the shows for this year as they have been in our local news with all their violations but all that handwringing over their partnership when I was watching previous shows thinking "you really gonna take on that mess guys?" . . . how you can run afoul of Chicago city inspectors and not be able to "make things right" is beyond me.

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I can't stand any of those fixit or rehab shows.  I used to like This Old House when they would remodel a modest home with modest materials.  Now it's huge expensive homes with sky's the limit budgets.  Can't relate to that.  

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