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50K Three Ways - I am seeing it for the first time this evening - I find the host loud and annoying.  There is way to much chatter and laughing.  I don't think I will be a returning viewer.


There are a couple of new HGTV shows that I like but still miss some of the old hosts and their designs..Sarah Richardson, Candice Olson, and a few others that I cannot recall their name.

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I will not watch this HGTV show. This host was on I think it was called Rock the Block, and she was very loud and hyper. Not my cup of tea.

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I haven't seen the show but saw it advertised and thought it looked interesting.  I watched a marathon of Rock the Block a week or so ago and there were several people who participated that I didn't know.  I wonder if some of them are coming out with new shows also.

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