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@colliemom4 wrote:

Many of the restaurants he eats at don't look very good. I find him annoying.


             I have read that people have gone to those recommended eateries. They stated that the food was not good!!

             I rarely watch the Food Network anymore because he is on about every hour!  He is irritating and talks way too much!!


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@Shelbelle wrote:

He has his own restaurant here in downtown Baltimore, have nol idea if it doing well financially. 



@Shelbelle   He has had a restaurant in his home town in California for a long time.

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He should learn how to use a fork, and how to push food onto the fork with a knife instead of his fingers, gross.

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Guy Fieri is definitely someone I don't miss since we cut the cord. While I enjoyed DD&D, he ended up all over the place. Typical overkill.

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I stopped liking him when he had his wife and kids were with him on his DDD show and he seemed so dismissive of and uninterested in anything any of them had to say. 

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I think he is a lot of fun!  I get a kick out of him.  I never used to like Gordan Ramsay either and now I love him!  

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Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives is the only show I watch on Food Network.

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I enjoy his show and have to say, I'm impressed with his efforts over the last few shows to help out the industry

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Years ago when he began on the Food Network he may have been different and interesting but then there was more and more of him.

He was a big part of the decline of the Food Network.

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Guy grew up in my neck of the woods!



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