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Great British baking show

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Every night I watch some of the shows on Netflix and I think I am about complete does anyone know what the actual last season was. I really enjoyed Paul and  Mary Barry and the two ladies, but honestly this goofy guy Noel Is very annoying to the bakers, He is not even the least bit funny in my opinion. I've often wondered if the bakers complain about him, I have seen him ruin some of their baking with just silliness.

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Re: Great British baking show

I adore Noel, it's Matt I can't stand


I've seen Noel actually assist the bakers in a  pinch and I've read that he develops a relationship with all of them.    So when you see him being annoying to the bakers, I don't think it bothers them.   They know he's getting paid to be entertaining.


I don't get Matt's purpose.

He's not funny, I've never cared for any of his movie characters