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Re: Good Witch Cancelled

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re Chris Potter/Original Husband from the movies


I am right there with you all.  I tried several times to get into the series, but I really loved the movies and Catherine Bell/Chris Potter together.


Chris Potter was also doing Heartland at the same time (still is) and back then they were filming 18 episodes a year, so he didn't have the time to film the 8 or 9 for Good Witch.


While he was a co-executive producer of the Good Witch movies (same role Erin Krakow has on When Calls the Heart), I think Heartland was a better move for him because he directs some episodes and there were more episodes (more money) than Good Witch.

Not exactly sure where Good Witch is filmed (in a studio?) but know that Heartland is filmed in Alberta, Canada - who wanted want to film there?


Chris Potter is a Canadian actor and lives in Toronto (according to IMDb), Good Witch is filmed in Toronto and Heartland is in Alberta.  When Calls the Heart is filmed in Vancouver, BC, so Kevin McGarry used to travel back and forth to film Heartland because WCTH and Heartland filming overlaps.   Last year due to travel restrictions with Covid, he couldn't do that, so he was only in a couple of episodes of Heartland and was on a  video call for one or two episodes.  

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