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Re: Going to the movies - how things have changed

@Big Sister wrote:

I think that most people who want to complain to a theater manager or other staff member, know they may not get any help.  The staff may be afraid that if they tried to handle the complaint directly, they may be assaulted and/or shot.  That seems to be the way a lot of people handle problems today.

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Re: Going to the movies - how things have changed

I stopped going years ago as well.  It has probably been near 6 years since I went a theater and even then it was a matineé.  People are so rude talking on their phones or just talking loudly in general.  It really is a reflection on society IMO.  Nobody really seems to care about their fellow man anymore.  It is all about me, me, me.

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Re: Going to the movies - how things have changed

@DiAnne wrote:

I go to the movies often and I have never had a problem ever.  May be you need to change theaters.  I never go opening week to see a movie because that is when they are crowded.  I also never go to a theater that has reserved seating.  


I would much prefer to go to a theater to see a movie than watch it at home.

I don't have problems either.  The theatres that sell food and liquor often have reserved seating.  I've not had a problem there either.  I usually just go to a regular theatre though.  I , too, prefer to see a movie in the theatre.  I know DH won't sit at home to watch, but I can get him to a movie.  I don't wait for it to come to netflix if it's a movie I want to see.

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Re: Going to the movies - how things have changed

I've luckily haven't had these issues at the movie theater and I go fairly often to several different ones. I wonder if it's just location- I know my coworker complained when she went to a theatre in another state.

However, that doesn't mean I'm immune to bad behavior. I'm a season ticket holder for the opera and, this season, there is a couple who apparently have such amazing/important conversations, that they have to continue them after the curtain rises. I actually shushed them - to no avail. Next time, I'm going to ask the ushers to stay nearby. Happens all the time.
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Re: Going to the movies - how things have changed

Fortunately, I've never had bad experiences when seeing a movie.  Most people that have popcorn are eating (and drinking) before the movie starts but normally don't  eat much during the movie itself. 

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Re: Going to the movies - how things have changed

 That's exactly why we don't go to movie theater anymore.  I can't stand the sound of people rattling their food wrappers while I'm trying to concentrate on the movie.


 A Couple years ago, we were watching the movie the Descendants,  and the people behind us were eating a big bag of corn nuts -I want to kill them !  Sounded like they were munching on rocks the entire time. The theater was packed so there is nowhere else to go. 

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Re: Going to the movies - how things have changed

I live alone & have a real low threshhold for ambient noise.    

I only go to the movies when I want to see something in IMAX and I go the earliest showing on Sunday morning at a large theater about 6 miles away.    I don't trust the movie theater about a mile from  me, I've heard of all kinds of problems including cars being vandalized & burglarized.


If I want to see a movie, I have DirecTV, a movie can cost $3-$5 which is cheap.  I watch it on a large screen TV with Sony SurroundSound.  


@Havarti wrote:

I went to a couple of movies lately and I was amazed at the total lack of respect for others who paid good money for their ticket and are fully capable of sitting quietly for approximately 2 hours.


My first experience was on a Saturday afternoon matinee seeing The Founder (that movie about McDonalds). I would normally never go on a Saturday, but DH was meeting the guys and then the spouses were joining later for dinner, so I killed time at the movies rather than shopping. It was reserved seating and I was the last one to get a ticket and enter the full theater, but I was in my seat before the movie started. I was at the end on the aisle near the back. To my left was a woman with two adult men. The men appeared in their 20’s and I just could not tell what age bracket she was…girlfriend, mother, sister, etc. This group was a concessionaire’s dream! They had buckets of popcorn, boxes of candy and HUGE cups of pop/soda. They had enough rations & supplies to last them a life time. Just as the movies was starting the guys took off their shoes and put their feet up on the wood rail in front. Their feet smelled horrible and it only grew more so as time went on. A couple of minutes into the movie the food orgy commenced! They only wanted the popcorn found at the very bottom edge of the TUBS of popcorn, so there was all of this digging noise as they searched for the perfect pieces each time. They found it necessary to shake the candy boxes each time they wanted one piece…apparently the specific piece they wanted was the very middle piece In the box. The beverages were slurped with great gusto and when there was no more liquid they would shake the cup of ice and slurp for more….shake, slurp & repeat. Each male had to get up and leave…then come back twice during the movie. This theater had recliner seats and they would not wait for me to put the footrest down, the just rammed into it each time. I am only 5’2” so it should not have been hard to get by, and I would have put the seat down rather than be bumped. The two did not come & go together, so that was 4 separate interruptions during the movie. The theater was full and not one other person made noise or had to get up…just my seatmates. It drove me NUTS.


Today I went to a morning show of 50 Shades. There were a total of 6 people in the theater….maybe I should say 6 ½ or 7. Unfortunately for the rest of us, two of them were a young couple with a baby – maybe 5 months old, give or take a month. That baby screamed and cried throughout the whole movie…it was an entirely different form of torture than anything found in the red room. That couple could not have cared less that 2 hours of screaming ruined the film for everyone else.


Are people so used to watching at home that they are oblivious to the fact that others are present in a theater setting…or has the world really come to the point that no one cares about anyone but themselves?


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Re: Going to the movies - how things have changed

I stopped going to the movies years ago due to the rudeness and people being loud that you can miss important parts of the movie. I rather watch on my couch and control the movie with my remote. I also like to see reviews of a movie before I watch it. I am in no rush anymore to see the newest movies. We wait until we can get them on tv or through Netflix etc. 

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Re: Going to the movies - how things have changed

We always go to the earliest matinee . Nobody else is out of bed by that time and we go thru weekdays. that knocks out the school kids, men and women that work, etc


Most people go for the 1:00 and after times.  We also go out to eat no later then 11 and if they open at 10:30 we're first in door.  I always ask for a booth in the corner so I won't have anybody behind me in the finer restaurents.


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Re: Going to the movies - how things have changed

@cherry wrote:

When we see a film we go to an afternoon matinee through the week.  We have never had a problem.  I do think they turn the volume up so high, that I often don't like to go now

Yeah, on the rare times we go we take ear plugs to block the rumble LOL